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About the Shop

shopfront The Down To Earth Organic shop began as a small venture when Suzanne Bristow, with two small children, began to run an organic box scheme from her home. Having been brought up on home grown food, Suzanne knew good vegetables, and so she set about trying to make them more accessible for people whilst being able to work from home. Her home soon became taken over by sacks of potatoes and carrots! The box scheme customers praised her boxes and the numbers grew. Her mother Pam, aka Nanny Pam of the Jam, was soon called in to help. Meanwhile a box customer set about encouraging Suzanne to open up a shop, and had found the perfect location! Suzanne never set out to start a shop, she says it all just grew ‘organically’ as she went with the flow. The shop was started with money that had been being saved for a family holiday (one day they will get to go on it!) and so the Down To Earth as we know it was born.

shelvesAt that time, as some customers will no doubt remember, the shelves still had some spaces on them, unbelievable though it may seem if you see the shop now! As customers relished the fresh vegetables and fruit, bread, milk and cheese, ice-cream, the meat and eggs from Elmhurst Farm, more products were also requested and so the shelves filled…and filled! From vegan, dairy-free, wheat and gluten-free products to wild game and sustainably fished tinned fish. Though we struggle for shelf space, we still try to honour any customer requests if possible! And, we are listed in the Guardian newspaper list of best UK independent food shops.

 Down To Earth, 96a Earlsdon Street, Earlsdon, Coventry CV5 6EJ
Tel: 024 7667 7500
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