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We can deliver a box of fresh seasonal, certified organic fruit and vegetables, sourced as locally as possible, to your door - weekly, fortnightly or as and when required. Each week we put together the best of local produce so that you’ll receive a variety of fresh, seasonal, organic food, delivered to you either at your home or your workplace. Delivery is free with orders of fruit and veg of £12 and over. A standard box contains approximately 8 - 10 varieties of produce. Larger boxes are also available, priced £15 or more.

We are a small friendly box scheme offering flexibility, variety, good value, a very reliable personal service and we are the only truly local box scheme in Coventry. We started our box scheme in 1999 and work with local growers and producers to bring seasonal organic veg, fruit and salad to you all year round. You can order and change boxes as and when it suits you or make up your own box from our list of veg, fruit, salads. You can add on anything from the shop to your box, be it eggs, milk, yogurt, wholefoods or ecover. No supermarkets, no delivery charge, no unnecessary packaging and no pesticides - just fresh organic fruit, vegetables and more.

We deliver between 11am and 6pm on your delivery day. To find out which day we can deliver to you, drop us an email or call us on 024 7667 7500. You don’t need to be at home. In fact, more than 70% of customers are out when we deliver. Deliveries are made on a ‘round’ basis on a set day to maximise efficiency and reduce food miles. However if you have a regular order you will notice that delivery is often at a similar time each week – traffic and weather permitting!

You can pay for your box by cash or cheque on delivery or post a cheque to the shop, pay in person at the shop or over the phone by card. If easier, you can leave us your card details and we can take payment weekly or monthly. All card details are of course secured.

Although we always strive to make the most of what can be grown locally and in the UK, very few people are satisfied with a UK-only box, particularly in the “hungry gap” of April and May. Some items – such as tomatoes – have become year round staples. The environmental cost of bringing them from Southern Europe is much lower than growing them under heated glass in the UK so we do use some imported produce when necessary.  The small percentage of imported produce we use annually includes all the citrus and tropical fruit that won’t grow in this country. The proportion of imported vegetables is around 20% and we never use any produce that has been air freighted.

Do remember you can tell us what you do and don’t like and can have veg only ; veg and salad; fruit, veg and salad or just fruit. It’s really up to you. 

Fruit Boxes for Offices and Nurseries

Becoming increasingly popular is a box of fruit for the office or workplace. A £20.00 box is packed with approximately 40 pieces of lovely organic fruit. Before you know it, afternoon energy slumps will be a thing of the past and you and your colleagues will be glowing with vitality. We can’t make promises but eating lots of healthy fruit instead of crisps and biscuits can only be a good thing! And all delivered free too, of course.

Also ideal for nurseries and playgroups! A supply of delicious, sweet fruit for the little ones and helpers.

We also make luxury organic hampers and fruit boxes for delivery as gifts though out the year

Meat boxes: local meat and fish

We deliver meat and fish boxes, either with or without veg boxes. They start at £25 and go upwards in multiples of £5. You are welcome to tell us your favourite meats or cuts and leave out anything you would prefer not to have. Otherwise we will put in a selection of that which is best that week. The meat and fish is usually frozen and comes to you in a fully returnable recyclable box with ice to protect your delivery.

Our suppliers are Elmhurst Farm at Withybrook and we use Graig Farm in Wales for anything we can’t get locally such as salmon and other fish and some wild meats.

Elmhurst has been established for over 10 years and produces its own organic lamb, chicken, beef, and pork as well as turkeys, geese, cockerels and ducks at Christmas. They produce their own sausages and bacon.  It is a truly local and high quality supplier.

In short we can supply any meat you require, from sausages, mince, chops, bacon, steaks to breast fillets and whole chickens and joints. We can supply organic salmon, sustainably fished cod, hoki (a white fish and very cheap), prawns, trout, tuna, mackerel, sardines and smoked fish. All of these are available in the shop and any one thing can be added to your delivery, however small. We can supply fresh meat on request.

We have also recently started selling fresh fish which is delivered to us on Fridays.

Custom Boxes
You can also order any combination of food or products which we currently have in stock. Just call us to let us know what you'd like.

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