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This is found in the back shop where you can locate most of the non-food things, from household cleaning products to natural body care lines.

Here is a little about some of the ranges we stock:

Ecover - Natracare Feminine Products - Faith in Nature

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We also stock Urtekram, Green People, Lavera, Essential Care, Dead Sea, Bio D, Earth Friendly, Badger, Kneipp, Pitrok, Toms of Maine, Kingfisher, Optima and Suma. From toilet rolls and tissues and nappies. Also a wide range of teas and coffees and coffee substitutes.

Ecover: an excellent range of cleaning products produced in an ecological, environmental and socially responsible way. They clean as well as any competing brand, and yet without the nasties. They smell lovely too - all natural essential oils, no synthetic fragrances. We also do refills - currently we refill laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, washing-up liquid, toilet cleaner, hand soap and the multi surface cleaner.  Last year alone we provided approximately two thousand litres of eco products and refills, reducing the number of plastic bottles that had to be recycled or discarded.
Natracare Feminine Products: Natracare tampons are made from organic, 100% cotton, which is GMO free and 100% non-chlorine bleached. Natracare tampons are free from rayon, binders, plastics, surfactants, resins and fragrances. Natracare's panty shields are made with a breathable liner, which is designed to allow air to circulate freely. What's more, Natracare pads do not contain polyacrylic absorbents or have plastic covers that lie next to the skin, both of which can cause irritation. Many women have found relief from irritation when changing to Natracare products. We stock the full range of pads, including winged, liners and tampons.
Faith in Nature: An award winning range of bath and shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, hand soaps and skincare all with individual characteristics and benefits.  All Faith in Nature products contain natural only materials and essential oils that are gentle and effective whilst also looking after the environment by ensuring that no harmful residues are returned to Mother Nature. Also refillable at Down To Earth.
Weleda: Anthroposophic, biodynamic, Homeopathic & plant health care & beauty care products. "This holistic world view is the basis of everything we do as we create products that respect the environment, local communities and our global customers alike."

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